Art director, Generation Loss, 2023, livestream. Production Designer Emmeline Wilks-Dupoise

Generation Loss is a livestreamed event, shot in the recently closed-down Galleria mall in White Plains, NY. Following online creator Ranboo as he navigates a series of horror film inspired sets, GenLoss allowed audience interaction while stretching and distorting the perception of livestreaming in 2023.

As art director, I drafted dozens of sets built throughout the mall referencing haunted cabins, Saw style carousels, Willy Wonka, Japanese game shows and more varied and eclectic references that reflect the frenetic and noncontextual media diet of the streaming landscape. In the final installment the full location of the mall was integrated into the narrative, further toying with viewer expectations and playfully crossing livestreams with other popular game streamers on Twitch.

Generation Loss was streamed live on Twitch and is currently hosted in its entirety on YouTube.